You are an ambitious professional woman who wants to lead a successful, healthy lifestyle, however has somehow got caught up in the rat race of life.

This has left you feeling overwhelmed, stressed and burnt out.

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I'm Kelly Swaby but most people call me Kells, Health & Wellness Coach for Burnt Out Professional Women. 

 Have YOU been juggling it all for sometime, but somewhere along the way have lost the balance. Leaving you exhausted, stressed and burnt out?

are looking to make some positive lifestyle changes?

Do you wish to feel great inside and out, but just don't know how?

Are you ready to kick those UNHEALTHY HABITS to the curb?

If you are ready to take charge of your health & wellness then you are in the right place. 

I can help you recover from burnout

I support and empower women just like you step away from the habits that led to burnout. Leading to a more healthy, balanced, successful life that works for you both at work and home. 


Talking from experience I know what it is like to reach burnout. Feeling out of sync with what you envisaged your success story to be. 

Defining success for ourselves can often be like looking at a map and feeling somewhat lost and confused.

What we lack in clarity; we make up in drive and ambition, however how do we move away from overwhelm and anxiety to feeling energised, motivated, with a new sense of purpose and drive?

I've established a lifestyle that works for me, fulfilling my true passions. Creating a healthy lifestyle to match the life we wish to lead can be challenging, however not impossible. If I can do it, so can you.

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Kells xxxx