I have been supporting professional women create health lifestyle habits for themselves, for just over four years now. Through choosing to work with me you will be making a commitment to yourself to make what you currently deem impossible, possible

Together we will move you away from burnout, to a more healthy happy you.

Regain Balance

1-Month Private Coaching Programme

Looking to regain some work-life balance to help improve your well-being? Imagine stepping away from the office, giving yourself space to think over a cup of coffee (or tea whatever you prefer). Let me support you get laser focused so you walk away inspired with a clear plan of action, that has you at the heart-centre.  


Not sure if my programme is best for you?

Why not schedule in a complimentary "Let's Connect" call with me. This is where you will discover what it will be like to work with me. I look forward to connecting with you xx

Happy Ladies 

Over the last four years I have worked with some truly inspiring ladies, who have taken their success story into their own hands. I have loved working with each and everyone of them and feel privilaged that they have allowed me to support them on their journey xxx 

Here is what some of them are saying.......


I signed up to the coaching programme about a year ago, not knowing exactly what I needed coaching for but knowing that something in my working life was no longer the way I wanted it to be.

At first I was a bit scared that I would not be able to specify what the problem was or what I needed coaching for.

I was also certain that the underlying issue was essentially in my behaviour and that I needed to find out what that behaviour was so I could change it.

One year on I have stopped considering myself the problem and started to realise that I am instead the person able to define and implement the solution.

Kells has been a great help in getting me there!

I have really appreciated her ability to let me talk things through and have a ramble when necessary. However, rather than agreeing with my feelings of frustration (which friends do) she has encouraged me to maintain focus on naming the issues and then on finding positive outcomes and solutions.

Getting me to write a list of actions points and a timeline for doing these has been a great way of remembering this after our session has finished.

Somehow Kells seems to know when and how to introduce a constructive question to get you over the stumbling blocks, I’m still wondering how she does this!

Her questions have at times been challenging but they have always been delivered with a lot of warmth and have therefore never been uncomfortable.

More than anything her sense of humour and laughter has helped making me feel calm, listened to and able to talk!
— Michelle - IT Systems Manager
I first saw Kells after feeling a little lost with what direction I should go in with my job and life in general. Working with Kells enabled me to really look into what was really going on for me.

I was able to objectively look at myself and my own behaviour and mindset. Kells is supportive, knowledgeable, kind and most definitely someone I will continue to work with.
— Hayley - Gym Manager & Exercise Specialist
I received career coaching from Kells over a period of approximately 7 months. We firstly assessed the factors that were contributing to my stress levels at work; Kells assisted me in developing my own solutions to these issues.

She offered a constructive questioning of my working process, which enabled me to be more self-aware. My coaching sessions were largely centred on helping to determine what my career goals were, and how I would reach them.

It was very beneficial to have someone as objective and clear-sighted as Kells to help me make sense of how I could get to where I wanted to be. She helped me to focus on the positive aspects of my current position, and together we identified what additional experience I required in order to break into my desired field.

By the end of my coaching sessions, I was on the point of starting the new role that I had been aiming for. This could not have been achieved without Kells help, as she gave me the confidence to pursue a side-project which ultimately gave me the experience to change my career path.

Kells was an excellent and dedicated coach and I would highly recommend her services.
— Genevieve - Communications manager