How to find a form of exercise that works for you (even if you hate exercise!!!)

As a personal trainer I often got asked by clients why do you love keeping fit so much. I use to let them into a little secret, that it doesn't always come easy, even for us in the fitness industry!!

I went on to explain that my motivation came from understanding and appreciating the the full benefit of doing so. I also truly believed and still do in the importance of finding what works for you.

Self-care is exactly that its a personal thing, so it is all about finding strategies that work for you, including the medium of exercise that motivates you.

Believe me I've been there where you have an idea about getting fitter and healthier. Unfortunately somehow other things get in the way of you starting. Does this sound familiar:

It's raining maybe I'll start tomorrow instead.
I need to clean the house first
I'm too busy at work to workout this lunch time
Do I really want to workout, like really!!!!!
I'm allergic to gyms!!

Ok last point is a slight exaggeration but I did actually have a client years back who used this line, so we went out running instead!!!

The list of reasons not to exercise can be endless to be honest, so much so you end up going back and forth finding reasons not to start.

The Reason?

Well you just might not be someone who jumps out of bed with the joys of spring, over the thought of exercise. This is ok. In fact it is perfectly normal, even for those of us who actually love exercising. We too have days when its a lot harder to motivate ourselves.

We are all humans at the end of the day, which means we will have days where we have more motivation than others.

So how do we find what works for us?

Well lets start by reviewing how you spend your time currently. We think we can't exercise because we just don't have time, but is this really the case? Be honest with yourself, are you spending your time wisely? Is there space for a little self-care in the form of exercise?

Secondly be realistic with yourself in terms of the type of exercise you would like to do and how often. Remember we weren't all built to be marathon runners!! :-)

Exercise may simple be a 20 minute stroll at lunchtime or a quick swim after work. Maybe you prefer a good stretch so Yoda or Pilates could be right up your street. With so much exercise variety out there it's all about finding what works for you, something that will keep you motivated.

and stretch!!

and stretch!!

So how do you find out what works for you? Go out and try different forms of exercise. Schedule a lunch break into your day and go for a walk for example. If you work from home or are a stay at home mum you can still get out for that walk. Remember we are not talking hours here, 20 minutes is a great starting point. 

The clue is in the title when we talk about self-care. To truly stay motivated towards living a healthy lifestyle, it's vital to find strategies that work for you. That way you will enjoy it and it won't be a chore. Trial and test different things and remember not to beat yourself up if it just doesn't do it for you. Dust yourself off and move on, as there is something out there that will work for you.

Happy exercise hunting.

Until next time.


Kells xxx