How do you move away from overwhelm and burnout, to establish positive habits that have you health & well-being at the heart-centre?


Well this is where I come in. Talking from experience I know what it is like to want to lead a successful healthy lifestyle, getting the balance right between career and personal life. What I didn't know was how to achieve success on my own terms. What I mean by this is I really didn't have a clue how to achieve work-life balance that worked for me and supported my well-being. I literally believed the harder I worked the more success would be achieved, so I created habits for myself that were far from positive for my health.

Being a girl from a seaside town I moved to London to find my success story. Starting my career in the fitness industry as a personal trainer I supported people achieve their health and fitness goals for a number of years, before moving into sports management.

I have climbed the career ladder, with success in a number of management positions and worked my socks off for success. Mid-way through managing a 18000 member sports centre I was diagnosed with Endometriosis, a condition that admittedly knocked my sideways.

Did I stop and take stock of what this meant for my health and mindset, HELL NO I just kept going, becoming more stressed out and overwhelmed. Anxiety became the norm, following me around like a shadow.

Worrying and thinking negatively strangely became my comfort zone. All that I had learnt as a personal trainer about living a healthy lifestyle went out the window. Why because I refused to slow down. I refused to reflect and celebrate on all my success and most importantly I refused to listen to what my mind and body was telling me. Success was achieved but it came at a cost, with that cost being me. I burnt out......big time twice!!!! Twice because I really did not understand the power my negative habits had on me, especially in terms of my mindset.

But I've turned things around and you can too.

I'm now in a position where I can look at my life positively and recognise that it has provided me with some amazing development opportunities and life lessons. Placing my health both physical and mental at the heart of my success story has been key to becoming clear on my purpose. .

I'm Kelly Swaby but most people call me "Kells",  Health and Wellness Coach for Burnt OUT Professional Women. eMPOWERING YOU IN CREATING HEALTHY HABITS THAT WORK FOR YOU.

As I see it our success should never come at a cost, with burnout being the consequence. 


Me, My World & I

  • I'm a seaside girl living in the city

  • Live in London UK with my loving husband and our crazy loveable pooch

  • Endometriosis fighter - I rule it, it does not rule me :-)

  • Lover of all things music

  • In love with the Greek Islands - particularly Rhodes where I became a Mrs Swaby :-)

  • Love all things family and friends orientated

  • Love all animals 


Let me support you create healthy lifestyle habits that work for your health and well-being.

Have a look at my coaching programme designed purposely with your health and well-being in mind.

Look forward to connecting soon.


Kells xxxxx